True Bypass Signal Routing Solutions

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General Information

In Business since January, 2001

*100% True-Bypass
*Totally Passive design
*Boss-style 9v DC jack (center -)
*Full LED indication
*Powder Coated Finish
*Two year warranty on parts and labor.

In the interest of privacy and confidentiality, we do not disclose, boast, or advertise well known or 'famous' musicians which use our products.  Also, we do not seek artistic endorsement.

Don't be fooled by our imitators, whom use cheaper and inferior components, leave cold solder joints, employ shoddy construction, and use inferior signal wire (we know these things because we are frequently asked to repair our competitor's units).  We are the original true-bypass box/strip maker!  We take our time and build each unit very methodically, we don't churn them out by the dozens.  Our competitors may have copied our designs and circuits, but they cannot copy our QUALITY and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

The Loooper is a 100% true bypass effects routing unit.  You can use a Loooper to totally add/remove various peripherals from the signal path (effects, amps, tuners, etc) by simply pressing a switch.

With additional exciting upgrades, such as the Stutter Option, Blend Pot Option, Feedback Pot Option, Assignable Effects Loop Option, Parallel Option, you can actually use the Loooper to change your sound and how you play!

The Loooper is built with high quality Blue 3PDT switches, Switchcraft jacks, Hammond enclosures, and Silver Plated Military Spec wire for superior signal flow (if our competitors claim to use this wire, feel free to ask them to prove it).  There are NO buffers, transformers, etc.- so there is NO tonal coloration.  Each component is hand tested before assembly/installation.  The units are wired to be grounded correctly, to eliminate noise and hum.  All of the connections internally are point-to-point hand-wired, soldered to mil specs.  Each unit is then tested thoroughly to help insure that they will not fail in the field.  The enclosure is sealed, for maximum RF protection.  Most components are RoHS compiant.

The philosophy of this company is to provide the very best products and customer service in the market.  We try to keep our prices low, and our quality very high.  By doing this, we ensure our position in the marketplace as the number one company in the world in providing True-Bypass switching solutions to every single customer.  By being original, creative, and inventive, we create new benchmarks in the switching market.

Loooper is THE original true-bypass box builder, accept no imitations or substitutes.